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Sveriges Cultband, internationally also known under the name The Swedish Cultureband, is a Swedish music group from Ljungbyholm. The group was formed in 1997 by Kjell Andersson and Stig "Alex" Axelsson and has a record contract with Pama Records AB, a record company from Kristianopel. "We jokingly say that we play western cultural music with an acoustic sound. The base is happy music with roots in Scandinavian folk music, but we also mix in a lot of cajun and Irish folk music, sometimes also elements of country style. There is tradition but also renewal in our own way with our own written materials".

// Kjell Andersson

For fifteen years, we have represented Sweden at what is said to be the world's largest Scandinavian festival (for Scandinavians and its descendants) outside the Nordic countries. The festival is called Norwegian Autumn Festival and takes place in Minot, North Dakota, USA. We have also played a lot at festivals in Canada, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Poland and the Faroe Islands. However, we have never played in Iceland but our goal is to do that.

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